About me

… about me, research and more

I’m mainly interested in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. I love the chance to combine analysis and numerical computation: this can lead to great results. I consider very important all the foto1.jpgmathematical tools applicable to medicine and brain, because they allow me to pursue a clear and original contribute while I’m working. I’m also interested in Applied information theory and Machine Learning.

I’m very curious about lots of topics, and I try to keep me updated about politics, environment, technology (I love it), TV- series (try me) and philosophy (better if in presence of a beer/wine).  I follow with particular interest all medical discovers related to spinal injuries and rehabilitation, especially ones involving also a psychological approach to the problem. Some inspiring TED talks in my opinion?

… Other curiosities 

Meanwhile I try to keep in mind the importance of our Q.O.L (quality of life) (click on it).

Speaking of what, recently a fellow countryman named V. Longo has discovered this very interesting new approach to eating: [pdf link].

Last but not least:

I’m a certified neulogo2.jpgro-trainer for a new impressive technology, dynamical neuro-feedback, outcome of these last years of research in mathematics, brain and informatics. Our school started thank to Dr. Francesco Lanza, a senior trainer and expert instructor. Clicking on the link will lead you directly to his web page, where you can find further information and people member of the school, which actually work with the technology.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for discussing anything you want.

ben edetta.fran ceschiello [at] gmail.com
(everything joint and minuscule)

Rue du Bugnon 46, CH-1011 Lausanne, Switzerland.

@Linkedin: [here]
@ORCID: [here]
@ResearchGate: [here]
@Google Scholar: [here]





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